1920s Evening Fashion Women 
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1920s Evening Fashion Women

Fashion in the 1920's saw a great shift from decades prior, reflecting a myriad of attitudes based on economic prosperity, the more-empowered role of women, the end of World War I, the evolution of jazz music and bootlegging. "The Great Gatsby," set in Long Island, N.Y., in the 1920's, has this iconic moment in fashion as its backdrop.

“With silken legs and scarlet lips
We’re young and hungry, wild and free,
Our waists are round about the hips
Our skirts are well above the knee
We’ve boyish busts and Eton crops,
We quiver to the saxophone
Come, dance before the music stops
for who can bear to be alone?”
James Laver – The Women of 1926

Dresses were often made at home with the help of the Women’s Institute designs, and were designed to be simple – two pieces of fabric sewn up the sides .

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