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Amber Riley

The Wizard Of Oz parody tells the story of the 31-year-old's life, including his childhood, coming to terms with his sexual identity, falling in love, moving to El Lay Oz Angeles, struggling with the entertainment industry, and his relationship with his family.

Everyone has been buzzing about Gabourey Sidibe’s incredible weight loss. The Empire star took to Instagram to share a new photo in which she looks slim and trim. She previously revealed to her fans that she went on a “crash diet” because she was tired of seeing herself in the mirror, reports Eurweb .

The site caught an earful from Gabourey Sidibe after they included her in a weight-loss gallery, using her photo (shown above at the left) for the "before" shot and one of Glee star Amber Riley (right) for the "after" image.

An “Empire” star recently revealed a dramatic new look. Gabourey Sidibe posted a photo of her incredible weight loss on Instagram Aug. 29 and earned praise from her fans.

Last night, during my daily—almost hourly— Facebook perusing, I saw that Gabourey Sidibe’s name was one of the top trending topics. Curious to see what happened, I clicked to find out what she’d done that had the internet blowing up.

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