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Cal Brunker

Scorch, Gary, Doc, Thurman and Io return to Planet Baab where Gary is reunited with his family. Scorch is greeted as a hero, but gives the credit to his brother which the citizens of Baab celebrate. Scorch then embarks on his toughest mission yet: marrying Gabby Babblebrook. Hawk, Hammer, and the grey aliens are also present at the wedding as the airdancer is also patched up.

Escape from Planet Earth is a 2013 3D animated movie produced by Rainmaker Entertainment and directed by Cal Brunker. In February 15, 2013, the movie was released in theaters only. This movie features characters including Gary , Eckle and other Baabians from the previous film " Planet 51 ".

At the CBS TCA Summer Press Tour back in August, Katherine spoke to the press about her upcoming show Doubt . She also touched on how much she enjoyed working as a producer on State Of Affairs , the entertainment industry, life in Utah, and dealing with internet trolls.

An alien civilization is invaded by Astronaut Chuck Baker, who believes that the planet was uninhabited. Wanted by the military, Baker must get back to his ship before it goes into orbit without him.

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