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Charlotte Rampling

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In 1972, Rampling married the actor and publicist Bryan Southcombe. They were widely reported to be living in a ménage à trois with a male model, Randall Laurence, and had one child, Barnaby Southcombe (now a successful television director) before divorcing in 1976. In 1974, Rampling was quoted by the syndicated columnist Earl Wilson as saying: "There are so many misunderstandings in life. I once caused a scandal by saying I lived with two men [. . . ] I didn't mean it in a sexual sense [. . . ] We were just like any people sharing a flat. " In 1978, Rampling married the French composer Jean Michel Jarre and had a second son, magician and singer David Jarre. She also brought up stepdaughter Émilie Jarre, now a fashion designer. The marriage was publicly dissolved in 1997 when she learned from tabloid newspaper stories about Jarre's affairs with other women and had a nervous breakdown. She was engaged to Jean-Noël Tassez, a French communications tycoon, from 1998 until his death in 2015. She lives in Paris. On 6 April 2009, it was reported by the Daily Mail that Rampling had hired lawyers to try to block the publication of a biography about her written by a close friend. She was treated for depression in 1984.

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