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Earl Sweatshirt And Tyler The Creator Tumblr

The rapper later said he was simply reminiscing about his past with old photographs, "thinking about how time flies." Despite that, fans have wondered about the state of the L.A.-based group.

Tyler the Creator , Earl Sweatshirt , and Frank Ocean came up together as part of the hip-hop collective  Odd Future . But as each member experienced success in his respective solo career, the activities of the group began to wane. Now, Tyler has seemingly confirmed the end of Odd Future via a series of tweets to fans.

The rapper sounds like he wants Odd Future fans to move on from the group dynamic, which is a indicates that he’s done the same. He tweeted, “TO ALL ODD FUTURE RUNOFF: SAVE YOURSELF YEARS OF EMBARRASSMENT AND STOP DRESSING LIKE AN EASTER BASKET, GO TALK TO SOME B*****S! TRUSMEDADY.”

NEW YORK — Tyler, the Creator isn't the monster that he's made out to be. Odd Future's de facto frontman has brushed off a ton of criticism in the public about his brash lyrics, but one of Tyler's biggest critics still has him dumbfounded and the rapper/producer still wonders what Earl Sweatshirt 's mom has against him.

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