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Gabriele Muccino

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Born in Rome, Gabriele Muccino gained success with films such as L'ultimo bacio (One Last Kiss) and Remember Me, My Love (Ricordati di me). His first on-the-set film experience was volunteering as a director's assistant. This inspired his passion for filmmaking and drove him to take courses on screenwriting and enroll in a directing program at Rome's Experimental Cinematography Institute. Throughout his time there, Muccino created a few short films that were aired on Italian Television. He then began directing several documentaries and a few episodes of the soap opera Un Posto al sole in 1996. Following these accomplishments, Muccino got the opportunity to direct a segment of the Italian film, Intolerance (1996). . "Come te nessumo mai" (But Forever in My Mind) was the next film he directed starring his younger brother Silvio. Muccino's third feature film, "L'ultimo bacio" (The Last Kiss), was directed in 2001 and was his breakthrough that called upon international attention. The film's success led to Muccino signing a two-picture deal with Miramax. His success only continued to grow with his next film, "Ricordati di me" (Remember Me, My Love) in 2003.

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