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Harmon Jones

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Jones last credit as an editor is for Stella (1950). He then became a director for 20th Century Fox. As Erickson described it, "Jones graduated to the director's chair with the Monty Woolley vehicle As Young as You Feel (1951), which featured up-and-coming Marilyn Monroe. His first directorial projects showed promise, especially his brace of baseball pictures — Pride of St. Louis (1952) and The Kid from Left Field (1953). Soon, however, Jones was churning out routine westerns and so-so costume flicks. " Some recent critics do not agree; thus Toby Roan has written, "Harmon Jones didn’t direct many features before heading to TV. His five Westerns — The Silver Whip (1953), City of Bad Men, A Day of Fury (1956), Canyon River (1956) and Bullwhip (1958) — are perfect examples of what a medium-budget studio Western could be. A Day Of Fury is a fantastic film, one of the best Westerns to come out of Universal in the 50s — and that’s saying something. If Jones had made more Westerns, I’m sure we’d be grouping him with directors like George Sherman, Gordon Douglas and Phil Karlson. " Jones apparently left 20th Century Fox in 1954; his 1955 film Target Zero was produced by Warner Bros. , and Day of Fury (1956) by Universal Studios.

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