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James Mangold

Mangold took to Twitter to share the first photo of the mutant, played by Stephen Merchant (The Office). It is a closeup of his face, bald and pale, against a black background.

Some big news on the Wolverine 3 front this morning! First off, star Hugh Jackman has revealed the title of the film via a social post of a billboard: Logan . Just Logan . There’s also what appears to be a child’s hand in the billboard, but whose? Let us know your theory in the comments below, and check out the full poster in the gallery!

Ever since it was first announced back in November 2013, Hugh Jackman 's final movie as the beloved X-Men mutant Wolverine was simply known as Wolverine 3, although there had been plenty of rumored titles. Just yesterday, Hugh Jackman teased that something would be coming this week, and while most fans assumed it was the first trailer, it turned out to be the first official poster, revealing the new title Logan . While it's possible we may still get the first trailer this week, there is plenty to discuss just within this poster alone.

The Instagram account dedicated to Hugh Jackman 's last Wolverine outing has been some home to some really cool first looks, including an aged Prof. X . LOGAN looks to a deliver a variation on the "Old Man Logan" story line and while it's not a true adaptation in terms of plot points, it's already looking like the book's spiritual equivalent, so to speak. In terms of what we can expect, the following was uploaded today with a single word as it's caption; Reaver.

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