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Jason Flemyng

Tube Tales is a collection of nine short films based on the true-life experiences of London Underground passengers as submitted to Time Out magazine. The stories were scripted and filmed independently of each other. Filming took place on the London Underground network in 1999 by nine directors including Stephen Hopkins , Charles McDougall and Bob Hoskins , with directorial debuts by Ewan McGregor and Jude Law . The film was produced by Richard Jobson and is also Simon Pegg 's film debut in a small role.

The series originally features a cast of five main characters plus supporting cast who investigate time anomalies for the British government. The series 1 cast is made up of Douglas Henshall as Professor Nick Cutter , James Murray as Stephen Hart , Andrew-Lee Potts as Connor Temple , Lucy Brown as Claudia Brown and Hannah Spearritt as Abby Maitland , with Juliet Aubrey as Helen Cutter , Ben Miller as James Lester and Mark Wakeling as Captain Tom Ryan .

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