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Kane Hodder

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As a side project, Kane had been ghost hunting for some time now in his own group called the Hollywood Ghost Hunters. He describes it as a "group of people who normally make a living by trying to scare other people. Everybody in the group has something to do with horror movies. " Hodder partnered up with his friend Rick "Stuntman" McCullum, a Hollywood stuntman and actor who doubles for horror film actors like Sid Haig. Rick decided to form a paranormal team, after he and Kane were filming at Mansfield Reformatory for a horror film called Fallen Angels. While there, they decided to spend their break ghost hunting investigating the cells. They had a ghostly experience when they saw a shadow man running down one of the cellblocks. When Kane took off in a full sprint towards it, Rick knew he had his first partner for his team. Shortly after, they took on their third member for the team: R. A. Mihailoff, known for playing the frightening lead role of "Leatherface" in Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. Together the three members make up a paranormal group of members who work in the horror movie industry.

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