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Oaklee Pendergast

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Forty years after the events of the original  Woman in Black , Angel of Death  brings a new cast of characters to Eel Marsh House (and its malevolent inhabitant). Fleeing from German attacks during World War II, a group of children and their teachers evacuate the city and take refuge in the dilapidated seaside residence. Relieved to be away from the warfront, the children begin exploring Eel Marsh House while the adults settle in – preparing to wait-out the war in the countryside.

Wer is a 2013 American slasher horror film directed by William Brent Bell . The film stars A.J. Cook as a defense attorney who discovers that her client is a werewolf . The film was released in Japan on November 16, 2013, and was released to VOD in the United States in August 2014.

The original big screen adaptation of Susan Hill's spine chilling novel revelled in a toe-curlingly terrifying return to the old traditions of British horror and gifted Daniel Radcliffe his first decent post-Potter role.

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