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Quinn Cummings

Quinn Louise Cummings (born August 13, 1967) is an American retired child actress, now writer and entrepreneur. She is best known for her Academy Award nominated role in Neil Simon's The Goodbye Girl as Lucy McFadden, and for her recurring role as Annie Cooper on the television series Family .

“I realized I didn’t love it anymore,” she says. She’s since found success as a writer. Her new book, The Year of Learning Dangerously , explores her decision to homeschool her 12-year-old daughter—who isn’t impressed by her mother’s acting past. “Moms by definition aren’t terribly interesting!” Cummings says.

[quote]It's not that I hate the dishwasher, exactly; it's just that the position of "Thing which does nothing but sit around the house and not work" in this house is already filled by the cats.[/quote]

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